Jack Posobiec attended Mike Cernovich’s A Night for Freedom event with his mom since his wife was not willing to be his date, undercover Bernard Media sources present at the event say. The Posobiecs relationship has been extremely strained since Mr. Posobiec was caught cheating on the dating app Bumble several weeks ago. Through e-mail correspondence Mr. Posobiec let Bernard Media know he, “needed space at this time.”

Mr. Posobiec wasn’t himself at A Night for Freedom, a source close to the Posobiecs explained, “Jack kept to himself most of the night. He was fidgeting with his smartphone a lot, it looked like he was swiping something. When Jack did interact with others it was to try and sell us Gorilla Mind smooth pills. I think his marital issues are really taking a toll.”

Mr. Posobiec’s relationship status is an open, on-going investigation. Details will be released as they are received by Bernard Media’s Investigative Unit.

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