In 2017 Ms. Cassandra Fairbanks told a trusted Bernard Media investigator that a sex tape existed starring Mr. Mike Cernovich and Ms. Laura Loomer. This leak was subsequently passed from the BM investigator to Bernard Media HQ about a month ago, which led to an investigation into the existence of the alleged tape. Seemingly under pressure from her peers, Ms. Fairbanks is now attempting to backtrack on her leak telling Bernard Media, “Some people believe that I was your source and it’s harming my reputation. If you keep at it I’ll talk to my lawyer.”

Ms. Fairbanks and Ms. Loomer share a special connection.

What Bernard Media has found since launching this investigation has been shocking and led us to believe that there is a strong likelihood the tape(s) exist. Mr. Cernovich’s lawyer let Bernard Media know that the tape must be, “somewhat old material,” while Ms. Loomer was caught on tape discussing the production and distribution of sex tape(s) with another married man, Mr. Gavin McInnes. Sources have told Bernard Media that Ms. Loomer has a history of producing tapes of this nature.

Bernard Media wants to make clear it stands by it’s trusted investigator and will continue pursuing this case. For further clarity, below is the flow of information that led to the Cernovich sex tape investigation.

This is the flow of info to BM. Throughout the investigation BM has reached out to all parties involved for comments before publication.

It’s unclear to Bernard Media why Ms. Fairbanks would tell our investigator of Mr. Cernovich and Ms. Loomer’s supposed tryst. Multiple sources close to the situation have told Bernard Media, “We’ve seen Fairbanks and Cernovich publicly flirting and grabbing at each other on a number of occasions. At first we assumed they were married, but that obviously is not the case. It’s unclear what the nature of their relationship was. Lately they seem cold towards one another though, something changed.”

Bernard Media is additionally verifying a claim leaked from a member of Mr. Cernovich’s inner circle who has known him for the better part of five years that, “Mike is very angry with Cassandra for telling you guys (Bernard Media) about his ‘thing’ with Loomer.” This leaker went on to say, “Mike’s wife is very suspicious. She knows Mike has a history of infidelity. I’m pretty sure he was arrested for rape when he was married to his first wife, she bailed him out of jail.”

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The Cernovich sex tape’s existence is an open, on-going investigation. More details will be released as they are provided to Bernard Media’s investigative unit.

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