Neo-Nazi loser Baked Alaska made a thinly veiled attempt to return to Twitter under a “parody account” called “TheBAexperience” yesterday, but was banned within hours. This second Twitter ban comes on the heels of Mr. Alaska’s three month suspension from YouTube, where he was running a neo-nazi talkshow from his childhood bedroom in Alaska.

Mr. Alaska’s quick removal was due in large part to Bernard Media (BM) and partners rapid response to the situation. “It was obvious @theBAexperience was owned and operated by Mr. Alaska, he didn’t make much of an effort to hide this fact,” said Nathan Bernard, Chief Investigator, Bernard Media. “The appropriate authorities including, but not limited to the FBI were immediately alerted. It was one of our easier investigations here at BM.”

Sources close to Mr. Alaska say he is in a very negative headspace after his second Twitter ban, “When Baked lost his Youtube livestream we were all worried, he didn’t have much else to live for. This second Twitter ban could be the nail in the coffin for Baked’s media career. He broke down crying when I called him yesterday to chat.”

This BM victory is shared by all users who reported Mr. Alaska’s new account. Cheers to all involved and looking forward to continuing to monitor the Twitter platform for any new BA accounts!

Victory usually goes to the army who has better trained officers and men. – Sun Tzu

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