Mike Cernovich is hosting a top secret, invite-only, Gorilla Mindset Seminar on April 7th in Los Angeles. This intimate mindset affair, “will be different, because it will contain unreleased material” according to Mr. Cernovich. All attendees are required to sign confidentiality agreements and there are no pictures allowed at the event, leading to widespread speculation into the meeting agenda. Through email Mr. Cernovich let Bernard Media know, “the subject matter of my seminars is none of your business.”

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Source: cernovich.com

One attendee expressed concerns over the event’s “security requirements” saying, “Listen, Mike is the most anti-pedo guy I know, but the hush-hush nature of this seminar is creepy. It’s supposed to be held in a basement in LA, kind of like a vault. No age requirement. Some of the other attendees think it may be a Pedophiles Anonymous help group. I don’t know what to believe.” When asked about his past involvement in Pedophiles Anonymous Mr. Cernovich let Bernard Media know, “I don’t want to talk about this right now.”

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Mr. Cernovich is no stranger to pedophilia, during the last year he has over 5,000 tweets including the keywords “pedo” or “pedophilia.” Cernovich claims his keen interest in finding pedos is a, “sort of duty he has to investigate this stuff.” According to reports, pedophilia is Mr. Cernovich’s favorite topic of conversation and he thinks about it daily.

Source: Periscope.tv
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