“Pastor” Jesse Lee Peterson is refusing to release a video interview he conducted with Vic Berger at the March for Our Lives last weekend in LA. When he’s not violating the first amendment, Mr. Jesse Lee is known for hosting a far right internet talkshow where he chats with anyone from Pizzagater Mike Cernovich to Neo-Nazi loser Baked Alaska. There is widespread speculation into Mr. Jesse Lee’s hesitance to release the tape. Berger believes, “Jesse Lee had a huge chunk of lettuce wedged between into his teeth during the interview, I’ve never seen anything like it. Days later I still get nauseous thinking about it, kind of haunts me. I can understand why JLP is embarrassed, but it’s his first amendment duty to release the tape immediately.”

When Mr. Jesse Lee was first questioned by Berger about the tape’s release he played dumb saying, “Who are you and what interview are you talking about… If you are an honest man you will email my producer.” After some pressure Mr. Jesse Lee let Twitter know, “you will have to wait for the release just like everyone else.”

Sources with some knowledge of the law and the tape situation think, “This case has supreme court written all over it. If Jesse Lee doesn’t release I wouldn’t be surprised if the FBI comes knocking on his door within the week. Sounds like a criminal offense to me.”

The release of Berger’s interview tape is an open, on-going investigation. More details will be provided as they are obtained by Bernard Media’s Investigative Unit.

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