Lonely “Bumble Jack” Posobiec attended a renaissance faire alone this weekend as he adjusts to single life, sources say. Mr. Posobiec’s wife is currently in the process of leaving him after he was caught cheating on the dating app Bumble in January. Mr. Posobiec let Bernard Media (BM) know via email that he attended the faire because, “I just wanted some time out of the house to clear my head.”

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These revelations come directly after Mr. Posobiec was spotted counting buses of “paid protestors” by himself this weekend at the March for Our Lives rally in DC. According to BM undercover reports Mr. Posobiec has been struggling to find his stride amidst his break up, “Jack has been trying to keep himself busy. Counting buses, attending renaissance faires, it’s all part of his healing process. He doesn’t want to give himself time to think about his mistakes. When Jack thinks bad things happen.”

Sources with initmate knowledge of Mr. Posobiec’s situation are a bit worried about his future, “I just want Jack to be happy. He’s been so lost since the Bumblegate incident. Hopefully he finds productive ways to spend his time, which he now has a lot of.”

Mr. Posobiec’s relationship status is an open, on-going Bernard Media investigation. We will provide additional details as we receive them.

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