Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich is retiring from scoop journalism to focus on his drug use, sources say. Recently Mr. Cernovich has written several articles about his experiences on DMT, a potent hallucinogen. A source with knowledge of Mr Cernovich’s activities said, “Mike has used hallucinogens for a while now, he just never wrote about it. After he threw in the towel on the whole scoop journalism game he started using heavily. Guess that’s his next hobby, like the pedophilia stuff.”

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Some friends of Mr. Cernovich are worried that his new fascination with DMT and hallucinogens may cause legal troubles for him, “When I heard this was Mike’s new angle I was kind of skeptical. I think Joe Rogan does a pretty similar schtick. Hopefully nothing happens IP wise.”

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An excerpt from Mike Cernovich’s DMT post

Mr. Cernovich’s drug use is an open, on-going investigation. Bernard Media will provide details as they are made available.


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