Owen Benjamin was banned from Twitter last week for a series of tweets about the pubic hair of 17 year old boy, David Hogg. After being removed from the platform, Mr. Benjamin proceeded to do a “pubic hair press tour.” He went on Steven Crowder’s “Louder with Crowder” show and Infowars within 24 hours of one another to chat about his obsession with the Hogg boy’s genitals.

The primary objective from the press tour was to build Mr.Benjamin’s Patreon presence, a crowdfunding platform that he can still publish content on. At the time of Mr. Benjamin’s Twitter ban he was at 760 patrons generating around $4,500/mo. After the ban and press tour his Patreon jumped to 1,360 patrons, generating $8,440. It almost doubled!

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.44.37 PM.png

What does the growth of Mr. Benjamin’s Patreon base say about the reward system on Patreon and the internet at large? Nathan Bernard, BM Investigator, critiqued the situation explaining, “The internet rewards dumpster fires. Cernovich, Posobiec, Loomer, Alex Jones, they all understand controversy gets them views and Owen Benjamin is no different. It is surprising that Patreon allows these folks to raise funds on their platform though. BM has been looking into joining the Patreon community and this is troubling.”

Other sources with intimate knowledge of the Patreon platform explained, “We aren’t sure why Owen Benjamin isn’t being banned from Patreon. He is now using the site to aggregate followers for his secret Twitter accounts and cross promote his disgusting content. Aside from that his Patreon feed is mostly calls with his mom. It’s just bad content.”

If you would like to report Mr. Benjamin’s account to Patreon here is the process to do so: Report Mr. Benjamin. Tweet at @patreon as well to get their attention. Together we can bring justice to the Patreon platform.

Mr. Benjamin’s presence on Patreon is an on-going, open investigation. More details will be published as they are made available to the BM investigative team.

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