Daily Wire Editor Ben Shapiro appeared on Fox News last night to talk free speech and lambast Michelle Wolf’s White House Correspondents Dinner comedy set. Mr. Shapiro took specific offense to Ms. Wolf’s joke on abortion, “don’t knock abortion until you’ve tried it, and when you do try it, really knock it. Gotta get that baby out of there.” The joke, especially the “knock it” line was a clear set up to get the crowd to groan and mention that pro-life Republicans only support abortion when it’s for their mistresses.

An extremely triggered Shapiro found “nothing funny about the joke” and in a desperate faux outrage made the straw man argument to, “substitute slavery for abortion there and see how funny it is. Don’t knock slavery until you’ve tried it. And when you knock it, knock it hard because black people aren’t real people.”

Sources with an understanding of Mr. Shapiro’s situation say he hasn’t been the same since prosecutors agreed on his role in influencing Alexandre Bissonnette, who killed six muslims in Quebec City and fetishized Shapiro’s content, “Ben has been erratic lately. Talking to himself, arguing points that only make sense in his own head. It’s hard to watch a man unravel like this. He clearly is feeling intense guilt and shame for his actions, which is understandable.”

The timing of Shapiro’s racist strawman argument comes as prosecutors are applying additional pressure, legal analysts say, “Ben is feeling the heat from these prosecutors. Some critics are even claiming Ben has blood on his hands from the Quebec City shooting. I hope Ben doesn’t try any of these strawman arguments in court. That won’t go over well with the judge. Hopefully this is a wake up call for him.”

BM has reached out to Shapiro for other examples of things he could replace abortion with in his hypothetical joke. The story will be updated if BM hears back.

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