Darby Maxwell is the newest member of the Bernard Media (BM) investigative team. We did a quick Q&A with him so all our readers can get to know him.

Nathan Bernard: First off, great to have you on the team Darby! Where are you originally from?

Darby Maxwell: Thank you for having me. Well, I’d rather not share that information, but I’m a man of the world. I haven’t had a permanent residence for quite some time. Bounced around a few different countries. Had to keep a low profile for a while, long story. Anyways, I’m back in the USA now that things have blown over. Found a sublet out in Queens that I can live in for a bit.

NB: Good stuff. How did you get into the investigative journalism game?

DM: Kind of fell into it to be honest. Found a listing on craigslist when I was living out in Columbus, Ohio that needed some undercover work done. They wanted me to live homeless for a few months, get the low down on street life. Little did they know that was basically my living situation, didn’t have to change anything about my lifestyle. The outlet I was working with never ran the piece, but it was cool to get a taste of the journalism game.

Maxwell lived here for several months in Ohio

NB: Oh wow, that’s a shame, would love to see that piece. Do you still have it?

DM: Unfortunately not. Wrote most of it on looseleaf paper, which I lost somewhere along the way.

NB: I see. Well, sounds like interesting work nonetheless. What caught your eye about BM?

DM: Saw the sex tape work you guys did on Cernovich. Very intriguing stuff. Would love to chat off the record with you about that. I actually lived out in Orange County for a while and got well acquainted with his stuff. The recent work with Ben Shapiro was very cool too. I just felt like I could make a difference here. Excited to be on board with you all.

NB: That’s great to hear! We’re excited to have you. Looking forward to releasing your scoops out to the world!

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