Last night, “Bumble Jack” Posobiec live tweeted the birth of his first child, “Jack, Jr.” from both his own personal account and the Twitter account of his newborn child. After nearly 15 hours of live-tweeting, the child was born.

Unlike nearly all human births, the child did not immediately take to his father. One nurse told Bernard Media, “The infant threw a massive tantrum and tried to bite his father.”

A second nurse told Bernard Media that Mr. Posobiec’s wife demanded Jack, Sr leave the room after he lost his temper and yelled at the 15 minute old child. “I think he called the baby a curse word. I don’t want to repeat it. The mother has enough going on today and doesn’t need to hear what her baby’s father called her newborn.”


Soon after Mr. Posobiec’s expulsion from the birthing room, divorce papers were filed, two nurses and an alleged friend of the doctor who wished to remain anonymous confirmed on a popular alt-lite message board. “After Jack, Sr blew up at the infant there was a long silence. It was extremely uncomfortable. As soon as Ms. Posobiec was able to stop crying, she had us call in her legal counsel, which she talked to privately. As we left the room I overheard her ask the counsel, “where are we at with filing the papers?” I can only assume she was referring to divorce papers. God bless her and her child. That husband is toxic. I’m really glad she told security to keep him off of hospital grounds,” stated PepeLover1488_69.

The divorce has been a long time coming, according to three sources familiar with the Posobiecs’ constant familial drama. “Tanya can finally move on with her life now that the kid is born. She’s been wanting out of the marriage ever since Jack was caught cheating on Bumble, couldn’t trust him after that. Certainly not with a newborn child.”
Jack Posobiec caught cheating on Bumble

An undercover Bernard Media source watched as Posobiec’s mother attempted to enter the hospital, but was refused by security as instructed by Jack’s wife. “She was confused. Crying, she called her son and could be overheard asking ‘what the hell is Bumble, Jack? I am a grandmother now. I want to see my grandson, Jack. Why can’t I see my grandson?”


jack baby
Jack’s soon-to-be ex-wife has allegedly shared this image on her facebook page with Jack, Sr cropped out. BM has not been able to confirm if the image exists

The relationship and fatherhood status of Mr. Posobiec is an open, on-going Bernard Media investigation. More details will be provided as they are made available.

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