Laura Loomer is currently in Israel “reporting” on-the-ground for the conspiracy theory network, Infowars. After the Israel embassy protests that killed 59 Palestinians concluded, Loomer began spreading a vile conspiracy that the Palestinian martyrs were, “itching their noses in body bags.” The goal with this conspiracy was to claim that the mainstream media is falling for “Hamas propaganda.”

Loomer attempted to justify her claim by showing a video that was shared on Twitter of moving body bags. The movements seem like someone could be, “itching their nose.” The video was ultimately from 2014 and had nothing to do with the protests. It has since been debunked.

Loomer deleted this tweet once the video was debunked
This video is still up on Loomer’s profile

Sources aware of Loomer’s conspiracy pushing were not surprised by her claims, “Laura is always spreading conspiracies. During the Las Vegas shooting she spent her time looking into a theory that there were two shooters. This was debunked extremely quickly, but didn’t stop her from digging. She is a complete liar.”

The itching nose video remains up on Laura Loomer’s profile. Ms. Loomer’s conspiritorial coverage in Israel is an open, on going Bernard Media investigation. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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