Mike Cernovich is a conspiracy theorist, most well known for architecting Pizzagate, which led to a gunman open firing in a DC pizzeria. Today, Cernovich started pushing another dangerous theory. Cernovich claimed that the Texas school shooter was an “ANTIFA” member based on several social media images. “Today’s shooter wore ANTIFA regalia, including communist symbols. The school shooter wore hammer-and-sickle symbol, which you see at every ANTIFA riot. ANTIFA has yet to take credit for the shooting, they have also refused to disavow it.”

Cernovich’s ANTIFA shooter theory was quickly debunked. Evidence came to light showing that the shooter was obsessed with neo-nazi propaganda. According to the Daily Beast, the shooter posted a Nazi medal leading up to the mass shooting that killed at least eight students. In addition to the collection of Nazi gear, the shooter also had a shirt that said, “born to kill.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 3.02.23 PM.jpeg

Sources familiar with Cernovich’s tactics say, “After any shooting or tragic event involving violence, Mike starts blaming ANTIFA. It is one of his favorite scapegoats. This is extremely dangerous thinking and more so just disgusting. He does it for clicks and views. Hopefully some sort of action is taken to stop Cernovich from adding to the chaos.”

Others trying to make sense of the killing also lambasted Cernovich. “People like Mike Cernovich do nothing but add to the chaos. Claiming the shooter was ANTIFA is obviously not true and does nothing but add more confusion to the event. It makes it harder for law enforcement to figure out what really happened. One has to start to question, why does Mike want to create an environment of mistrust as he does. Does he want the killer to get away?”

At the moment the shooter is in custody. Many reports on the shooter have explained that he was a reserved individual and frequently got bullied at school. More evidence will be provided on this case as it is made available.

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