Two months ago, Bernard Media released a groundbreaking story: Mike Cernovich and Laura Loomer allegedly made an extramarital sex tape together. This story came from Cassandra Fairbanks, who detailed the tape’s production and distribution to a Bernard Media mole.

Bernard Media proceeded to reach out to Cernovich for comment via e-mail. Cernovich’s now ex-counsel, Marc Randazza replied and shed light on the alleged tape. “In the event that you are in possession of (or come into the possession of) a sex tape starring Mr. Cernovich, I presume that it would be somewhat old material.” Cernovich’s lawyer implied he had made sex tapes in the past, but this tape was new, made in the last year and a half, while married, sources allege.

Bernard Media then released the first story, “Gorillas Gone Wild: The Mike Cernovich Sex Tape,” and as a result received numerous inquiries from tipsters. The most informative tip was from a source that wished to stay anonymous. This source claimed to have viewed the tape and provided Bernard Media with a testimonial video detailing the content.

“There’s a lot of grunting and gorilla sounds going on in it (the tape). It’s kind of a dark room, the lighting isn’t perfect. But Mike has put on some EDM music clearly. My friend says a third party release should be coming up in the near future. And… this will not go well for Mike. Things will probably change in the marriage department.”

After further investigating, Bernard Media found footage of the alleged co-star, Laura Loomer discussing production and distribution of sex tapes. “If you wanna see the Laura Loomer sex tape, we’ll make it happen. We’ll distribute it later. You should all follow me on Facebook and Twitter,” Loomer says on video. Loomer then proceeds to inquire if Proud Boys leader, Gavin McInnes, would be interested in going home with her and filming the encounter.

This weekend, Cernovich went on a rant about the sex tape story. He claimed that members of the media were, “asking for naked pictures and videos of me.” His fans, some hearing about his alleged sex tape for the first time, were not convinced the tapes didn’t exist. They point out that Cernovich has never denied the tape’s existence.


Laura Loomer, the alleged co-star, then followed up Cernovich’s tweet storm by posting about how everyone makes mistakes in their private lives. Cernovich retweeted this sentiment, allegedly referring to their film.


Several sources close to Cernovich, privy to private conversations on the matter, relayed that he is taking the sex tape allegations very seriously. “Mike is really worried about this. Loomer has a history of revenge porn too, it totally seems like something that she would do. Not surprised at all by all these claims, especially given their reaction.”

Cernovich’s sex tape is an open, on going Bernard Media investigation. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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