Dave Rubin is making a return to stand up comedy. A few days ago, Rubin announced on Youtube that he would be doing a national tour to promote his new material. “We’re booking some standup stuff for me. It will be an hour of comedy, I’ll do some live Q/A. I’ve only done one hour long show so far, it was the Irvine Improv a couple weeks ago, it was awesome. I give you my word, the manager came up afterwards to me and said that was the first sold out, standing ovation we’ve had in 18 years.”

Since then, Rubin has hit the road. His most famous bit on tour has been the “census taker,” where Rubin aggressively asks the crowd questions about their sexual orientation and political leanings. “How many gays do we have here tonight? Bis? Straights? Let’s see a show of hands. And how many of you are in the closet? Maybe just shift in your seat if you are,” Rubin inquired the crowd during a set.

Now, in an effort to show the success of his tour, Dave has seemingly written himself a fake fan letter. “Great show last night Dave! I brought my wife and college aged sister. Both pretty apolitical, and they had a great time as well.” The letter sounds eerily like Rubin himself.

Twitter users did not believe for a second that this letter was real. There is also no signature to the letter, which seems to be a dead giveaway that it is Rubin himself.

The legitimacy of Rubin’s fan letter is an open, on-going Bernard Media investigation. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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