Ben Shapiro has been doing cartwheels to divert any immigration crisis criticism from the GOP and Trump. He’s dismissed similarities to fascist regimes and blamed Obama, Clinton and the Democrats for this debacle. While these immigration issues did arise under Obama, the separation policy and “unleashing” of border agents has certainly escalated the situation under Trump.

“The Obama administration was castigated somewhat mildly for keeping children and parents together; the Trump administration has been ripped a new one for separating them. Here, then, is the point: the only real solution sought by the hard Left is release of all illegal immigrant parents into the interior of the United States,” Shapiro wrote today on The Daily Wire.

Twitter users were not surprised by Shapiro’s claims and believe the talking points are simply being employed as a way to maintain his Trump friendly audience members.

Shapiro’s defense of Trump didn’t stop there though. Last night on Laura Ingraham’s show, Jeff Sessions struggled to differentiate the USA and Nazi Germany. The only difference he could find was saying, “The Nazis wanted to keep Jews in the country,” which is false.

Scene inside a border detention center

As a follow up to Sessions botched TV appearance, Shapiro blamed the press, not the policies, for the Nazi comparison. “The outrage over the Obama administration holding women and children together for deportation as a stated deterrent drew no ubiquitous comparisons to Nazi Germany or Japanese internment from the mainstream media.”

Some followers of Shapiro, who wished to stay anonymous, were confused by these positions. “Ben does say that the policy is wrong and hurting the GOP, but then in the same sentence he protects Trump. He needs to prioritize. Either he follows his ideology or he follows the dollars he gets from Trump supporters. Morally, he needs to make a choice.”

Shapiro’s shilling for Trump is an open, on-going Bernard Media Investigation. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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