This week has been a humanitarian crisis for the USA as children are separated from their families at the southern border. The separation policy enacted by the Trump administration was largely influenced by Senior Adviser Stephen Miller, who made a statement on the policy earlier this week. “It was a simple decision by the administration to have a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry, period. The message is that no one is exempt from immigration law.”

To campaign against Miller’s hateful rhetoric, Splinter News released an article titled, “Here’s Stephen Miller’s Cell Phone Number, If You Need It.” Within the post, as the heading alludes to, is Stephen Miller’s cell phone number. Shortly after publishing, the article started going viral on Twitter. Users not only shared the link to the article, but also posted the trolling texts they were sending Miller.

Twitter’s executive team did not take the post well. Within an hour of the post being live they started suspending large accounts that shared the link.

A large swath of the suspended accounts were members of the political left, which seemed very hypocritical to users familiar with Twitter’s history of suspensions. “It makes no sense. Just a few days ago Jack Posobiec of Pizzagate fame posted someone’s Address, Phone Number and SSN to Twitter. He didn’t get suspended. The double standard is a concern for sure, it’s blatant at this point.”

Bernard Media will continue to monitor the suspensions as they occur and will update this piece accordingly.

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