The Proud Boys are a group of “western chauvinists” run by Vice co-founder, Gavin McInnes. The “men’s club” operates based on a set of rules that allows you to level up as you complete different tasks. There are a total of four degrees you can achieve.

Some of the tasks are light-hearted: get a tattoo, beat up your pal as he names breakfast cereals, but as you rise the ranks, the degrees become grim. To get your fourth degree, you have to get in a fight with a leftist or activist. You have to draw blood.

“Choke a tranny, get your fingers around the windpipe,” McInnes is famous for telling his Proud Boy acolytes. McInnes also has had Jason Kessler, the white supremacist that organized the murderous Charlottesville “Unite The Right” rally last year, on his show multiple times. Prior to Charlottesville, McInnes stated, “We need more violence from the Trump people.” Seems that some were listening.

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This leads to the question, “where do the proud boys recruit?” Based on detailed analysis run by Bernard Media’s data science team, the answer seems to be Twitter. On the platform, the official Proud Boys account posts videos glorifying their violent rallies all day long. This is attractive to a portion of the young, white male demographic that inhabits Twitter, research shows.

Recently, other Twitter users mentioned to Bernard Media that they have started to notice the nature of the Proud Boys account and aren’t happy about it. “How isn’t this a direct violation of Twitter’s terms of service? It’s against the rules to glorify or advocate for violence. Certainly sharing videos of someone getting ‘mortal kombat’ kicked in the head is violent, no? Seems like they should be suspended or deverified. Just a thought.”

Bernard Media will continue to monitor the accounts and will provide updates on the verifications status.

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