Mike Cernovich’s career has faded into nothingness. Many forget this, but it was just a year ago that Cernovich was on 60 minutes discussing his unique reporting style and obsession with pedophilia. “These stories are 100% true. I don’t say anything that I don’t believe,” Cernovich said on CBS when asked about Pizzagate. “I’m an attorney, I know how to weigh and measure evidence. What I’m doing is punchy, it’s fun. It’s counter-intuitive, it’s counter-narrative.”

Cernovich explains Pizzagate on CBS

Since the CBS appearance, Cernovich’s career has taken a turn for the worse. Throughout 2017 and early 2018, numerous articles and reports came out revealing Cernovich’s past as an alleged rapist and conspiracy peddler. Maybe the most damning revelation was that Cernovich likely produced and distributed an extramarital sex tape with Laura Loomer.

While evidence of the sex tape is overwhelming, Cernovich initially tried to deny the claims. Cernovich’s counsel at the time, Marc Randazza, refused to deny the tape’s existence and admitted to Bernard Media that the tape, “must be somewhat old material.”

In an effort to cover his tracks, Cernovich published an article explaining the sex tape, “The pictures of Loomer and I together were from Jack Posobiec’s wedding. Laura Loomer is a great friend and fine investigative journalist. One of her is worth 100 so-called “men” who don’t have any courage.”

Now, Cernovich has changed his tune on the tape, according to sources speaking confidentially with Bernard Media. “Mike has hit a rut in terms of his career. He thinks embracing the sex tape could change that, kind of like how Kim K. or Paris Hilton promoted their tapes. Maybe it could be good PR for him? I’m not sure there’s the same audience for a tape with Mike and Loomer as there would be for Kim K, but I guess anything is worth a shot at this point.”

Other followers and friends of Cernovich that spoke with Bernard Media anonymously were less excited about the tape. “Why would Mike want to keep this story going? There is literally no good way to spin this tape. He should let it fade away. I understand he needs clicks and views, but at what cost? Is he going to leave his wife for Loomer? Comon, there has to be something else he can promote.”

Bernard Media will continue to release information on the Cernovich, Loomer sex tape scandal as it is made available. More soon.

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