Bernard Media has compiled a video explaining the Proud Boys. This footage is primarily of Proud Boy leader, Gavin McInnes, who details the different levels of his white nationalist cult. Here is the video and below is the transcript.

Narrator: Gavin, you make this thing called the Proud Boys? That barely has any women in it at all? And they’re barely allowed to go to any of the events or anything? He’s fucking it up. How hard is it to be a cult leader?

Gavin McInnes: I started a men’s club, called the Proud Boys. And we have one caveat, you have to be a Western Chauvinist. So, we made up these rules. Just like the Knights of Columbus there’s first degree, second degree, third degree. What’s the second degree, Gav? You have to be beaten up by five men. For how long? Until you name five breakfast cereals.

[Clip Proud Boy naming only name four breakfast cereals]

Gavin McInnes: What’s the third degree, Gav? You have to quit porn!

[Clip of Gavin talking about watching Porn]

Gavin McInnes: What happens is when you go to Redtube or Pornhub or whatever it’s called, is you see a bunch of 10s. And you… Please yourself. I used to have my one, Ava Devine. But that’s neither here nor there.

[Clip of Gavin finishing explaining third degree requirements]

Gavin McInnes: And get a tattoo. Done! (Makes sounds of getting a tattoo)

[Clip of Proud Boy getting a tattoo on his foot, where no one can see it]

Proud Boy: No flip flops.

[Clip of Gavin explaining 4th degree on his show]

Gavin McInnes: I always thought, whats our fourth degree? Maybe we’ll never have one. Maybe there will be a secret elite group. That sounds gay too. Then I realized. It’s being physically assaulted for the cause. Getting arrested, getting in a fight. Violence doesn’t feel good, justified violence feels great. And fighting solves everything.

[Clip of Gavin assaulting man on street unprovoked, Gavin pushes the man]

Man on Street: What the hell? Get the fuck out of here man.

Gavin McInnes: Yeah, I do want to fucking go. (starts punching man)

[Clip of Gavin outside a bar with his goons, smashes a man’s phone on the ground]

Proud Boy Goon (shrieking): WOOOOOOO!!!!! Get the fuck out of here!

Proud Boys & Gavin: USA! USA! USA!

[Clip of Gavin on his show]

Gavin McInnes: We need more violence from the Trump people.

[Clip of car driving through crowd in Charlottessville]

[Clip of Gavin in studio]

Gavin McInnes: No, no, no. It was probably nazi skinheads that did it.

Jason Kessler (neo-nazi): Well it’d certainly be all over the news if it was that.

Gavin McInnes (laughing): Right.

[Clip of Gavin in studio]

Gavin McInnes: Choke a tranny, get your fingers around the windpipe.

[Clip of Gavin speaking in a theatre]

Gavin McInnes: We are going to continue being normal, because thats a revolutionary act. We’re going to continue getting married, having kids, living in the suburbs. If that’s a revolutionary idea, then I’m a revolutionary.

[Clip of Gavin at Cernovich’s Night for Freedom event]

Gavin McInnes: And if going outside tonight and beating the living shit out of radicals is radical, then I’m a revolutionary!

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