Jack Posobiec was a primary pusher of the conspiracy theory Pizzagate, a misinformation campaign that alleged a child sex ring was being run out of a pizzeria basement in Washington D.C.

“There was a creepy vibe there, man,” Posobiec explained on Infowars after visiting the establishment to “investigate” the scene himself. “There were kids running around and it was like 9PM. Creepy, creepy vibe.”

During that time Posobiec was something of a citizen journalist, live-streaming from his basement and attending MAGA rallies in hopes of “getting assaulted.” Today however, Posobiec works for One America News Network, a conservative outlet that has hosted young stars such as Tomi Lahren. For one of Posobiec’s first big assignments, he was sent over to Helsinki to cover the Trump-Putin summit that is happening today.

Instead of covering the event itself, Posobiec got sidetracked, Bernard Media operatives explained. “Jack was all over the place at the summit. Couldn’t keep focus. He mostly just took selfies and covered some of the unimportant controversies that happened there. It was a historic event, but Jack was too focused on getting the perfect selfie for Twitter.”


Posobiec did manage to provide some analysis on the event though. He tweeted, “gametime,” accompanied by a photo showing Trump standing awkwardly next to Putin before entering the negotiation room. Posobiec additionally live tweeted about George Soros and answered a fan question, “Does it freak you out how long the days are up north,” by saying, “It should be illegal!”

Bernard Media spoke with sources close to One America News Network that claimed the outlet will not be happy with Posobiec’s performance. “It was way too surface level. If the most insightful thing you have to say about this summit is ‘gametime’ then something is wrong. Jack also spent over an hour trying to get selfies. It’s all on OANN’s dime, so no, they are not going to be pleased.”

Bernard Media will continue to provide information as it is made available on Posobiec’s status with OANN and his botched performance in Helsinki.

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