Over the last several days, Turning Point USA has held it’s High School Leadership conference in Washington D.C. The event featured a slew of conservative thinkers, media personalities and lawmakers.

The first day of the event ended on a creepy note, with many questioning what TPUSA meant by “providing pizza” at their event, which is well known pedophilia code used in the massive Pizzagate scandal. Due to security concerns from these findings, some parents ended up picking up their children from the event. Others are allegedly considering legal action against the organization.

The students that did stick around were graced with the presence of right wing comedian, Dave Rubin, on day two. Rubin is well known for doing crowd work heavy sets where he lambasts the crowd about their political affiliations and takes polls. “How many conservatives do we have here tonight? Let’s see a show of hands. And Liberals? Can you guys clap for me, I understand it may be a little tough with all the soy!”

Given the demographics of the TPUSA conference, Rubin had to alter his material slightly. He opened by saying, “This is kind of like a real life Twitter, huh!” The crowd was silent, unsure whether Rubin was trying to make a comedy joke. After the deafening silence, Anothy Scaramucci, who was interviewing Rubin noted, “Yes, it’s all anonymous commentary, like Twitter.” To this Rubin dropped the pun that ended his segment, “Haha! Yeah, you should all have furry masks on then it would make a lot more sense!”

After Rubin dropped this “joke” the crowd erupted in boos and at that time Scaramucci thought it best to end the segment. Live viewers of the event were shocked, “My god that was embarrassing. I had no idea Dave tried to do comedy, but now I see why he isn’t too public about that. Extremely offensive and unfunny stuff.”

Some footage from Rubin’s bombed appearance still remains online and has been acquired by Bernard Media. Further details and footage will be provided as it is made available.

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