Things have not been going well for serial rapist Mike Cernovich. Yesterday, his friend Alex Jones was banned from Twitter, the last major social network to remove him. This prompted Cernovich to live-stream condolences from his in-laws basement, which he has not left for nearly three months, according to sources close to Cernovich. Many believe Cernovich has not left his home due to Vic Berger receiving a hard drive containing audio-video materials related to the alleged Cernovich, Laura Loomer sex tape. “We are working with a team of lawyers for an immediate third party release,” Berger told Bernard Media.


“Have you ever seen a dead man,” Cernovich asked his fans as he drank a whiskey-coffee at 8AM. “I mean… Alex Jones is banned,” Cernovich explained, “Everything I have said has come to fruition. I’m not running a debate society. I’m tired of people arguing with me about things they don’t know about.” This left his fans confused, Cernovich was the primary architect of Pizzagate, the conspiracy theory that alleged there was a child sex dungeon being run out of a Pizzeria in DC. After months of pushing this theory, a gunman showed up to the restaurant and open fired a rifle.

During the livestream, a fan told Cernovich, “You look like hell, man.” Cernovich replied that he had been living in hell. After the stream, sources approached Bernard Media with information regarding Cernovich’s well being. “Mike hasn’t left his in-law’s basement for almost three months now. It’s getting bad. He’s extremely paranoid that there are pedophiles all around and he wants to ensure his safety, at least that’s what he’s convinced himself of. I think the Alex Jones ban has him a bit spooked.”

Cernovich also frequently mentioned Laura Loomer during the livestream, his alleged mistress and sex tape co-star. “I think Laura Loomer may be next,” Cernovich said as he teared up, clearly feeling emotional about Loomer. “Not sure what I’d do without her in my life. Anyways, we… I mean, I, have a film coming out. Private viewing available.”

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Recently, sources close to the Cernovich family have begun to worry that the living situation may not be appropriate for their child. “The wife is worried, from what I hear. Staying indoors for three months straight has an obvious and extremely negative effect on the mind. Mike is not well. It may be time to consider moving until Mike can regain some semblance of sanity.”

To end the stream Cernovich claimed he will be logging offline for good. “I’m leaving the internet. Maybe I’ll resurface in 20 or 30 years, who knows. Maybe not.”

Bernard Media will continue monitoring Cernovich’s situation to ensure the safety of his family and those close to him. If you have further information on this please contact us. God bless.

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