Laura Loomer is an unverified citizen journalist who was recently in the news for interrupting the Twitter house hearing to ask Jack Dorsey for her Twitter blue check verification back. “Mr. Dorsey, when will you give my verification back? I am a journalist,” Loomer begged the Twitter CEO as he headed over to the hearing. Instead of answering, Dorsey’s security detail shut the car door in Loomer’s face. She remains unverified.

After having the car door slammed in her face, Loomer entered the Twitter house hearing. Within minutes of the hearing starting, Loomer interrupted the proceedings to claim, “Jack Dorsey is silencing conservatives on his website, rigging the elections for democrats.” Loomer was quickly drowned out by a congressman doing an auctioneer impersonation and escorted out of the hearing by law enforcement.

Now, Loomer has taken on another, maybe bigger, case than losing her Twitter verification. She is investigating who did 9/11. Earlier today, Loomer posted a picture of the World Trade Centers exploding and the caption, “Who did this?” This is the start of a massive Loomer investigation into who actually did 9/11, sources claim.

Loomer apparently already has some solid leads on the case as well. In fact, according to fans close to the Loomer camp, Loomer will be releasing information on who did 9/11 for the low monthly recurring charge of $9.99/mo.

Bernard Media spoke with several of fans to better understand the offering. “The deal is pretty straight forward. If you donate $10/mo to Laura she is going to tell you who did 9/11. And not some bullshit either, Laura is a top notch investigator. She knows who did it. And you can too for the low price of $10/mo, reoccurring, with a one year minimum subscription.”

Bernard Media will continue monitoring this case in hopes of finding out who really did 9/11. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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