In April of 2018, a gunman entered a Quebec City Mosque and open fired. Six people were killed that day. After the tragic event, prosecutors examined the lifestyle of the shooter, Alexandre Bissonnette. Upon review, the prosecution found that the killer was obsessed with far-right media figures, particularly Ben Shapiro.

During the weeks leading up to the shooting, prosecutors discovered that Bissonnette studied Shapiro’s anti-islam content obsessively, often checking Shapiro’s Twitter feed several times daily. “There are 680 million radical muslims. Priorities, people. They are coming for your families.” Shapiro explained to his followers on social media. “They’ll kill anyone that doesn’t think like president Obama.” Bisonnette explained during his interrogation that he felt the need to act because he believed his family was in danger, that radical muslims were at his doorstep.

Once the news broke that Bisonnette was a Shapiro superfan, Mr. Shapiro vehemently denied any involvement. “I did not incite the Quebec City Mosque shooter, I swear,” Shapiro pleaded during an appearance on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show. “He (Bissonnette) was just some guy that read my tweets.”

Now, in an effort to help clear his name, Fox News is giving Shapiro his own show. Source inside Fox News explained how the show came to be. “Well, people around Fox had seen Ben’s image get a bit tarnished. Everyone just knew Shapiro as the guy that incited a mass shooting with his tweets. Now, that is true, but Fox wants to give him another shot. Everyone deserves a second chance.”

Shapiro’s show will run through the November midterm elections and focus on key races around the country. The first episodes are set to air this weekend. “We’re looking for Ben to speak his mind, no more PC culture. Lots of flat brim hat, anti-islam chatter. We want the Shapiro greatest hits, a little bit of racism is okay if it gets the base going,” one executive leaked to Bernard Media when describing Shapiro’s show.

Bernard Media will monitor Shapiro’s show and provide updates to this story as needed.

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