Laura Loomer is an unverified Twitter user that frequently confronts her adversaries in real life. This style of confrontation has been dubbed, “Loomering,” and involves Loomer filming herself while shouting at her enemies about Sharia Law or getting verified on

For instance, earlier this month, Loomer confronted Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, while he was in Washington DC testifying before the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. “Mr. Dorsey! When will I get my verification back,” Loomer yelled after the CEO. His security team promptly slammed Dorsey’s car door in Loomer’s face.

That same day, Ms. Loomer proceeded to enter the House Hearing where Dorsey was being questioned. “Jack is silencing conservative voices, he is trying to rig the election!” After letting Loomer rant for a few seconds, a House Representative began imitating an auctioneer, drowning out Loomer’s cries to get her blue check back. Security then escorted Loomer from the premises.

Now, Loomer has her next target to “Loomer.” Today, she tweeted, “Kavanaugh’s accuser needs to be #Loomered.” Bernard Media reached out to Ms. Loomer via email to better understand this target.

First, we asked if Ms. Loomer believes that harassing a rape victim will help her regain her Twitter verification. Loomer let Bernard Media know that, “Yes, it will help me get my blue check mark back.” She continued to explain that, “suicide is still in the cards if the verification isn’t reinstated.” For context, earlier this month Loomer threatened to kill herself if Twitter did not verify her.

In an act of good faith, Bernard Media let Ms. Loomer know that our legal department had given the go ahead to release the alleged sex tape between Ms. Loomer and Mr. Michael Cernovich. Loomer replied that, “she is still interested in selling the tape on her website and would be open to profit sharing given the sales generated.”

To understand the potential repercussions of Loomer confronting the victim, Bernard Media consulted third party legal counsel. Upon review they found that this Kavanaugh stunt, if executed, would most likely land Loomer some jail time. “If Laura does go through with this there are several laws she could be in violation of, at the least she could expect to be sued. Hopefully she holds off on harassing the victim, nothing good can come of it. Not all press is good press.”

Bernard Media will continue monitoring this situation and provide additional information as deemed necessary.

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