Many know Ben Shapiro as the man who incited the Quebec City Mosque shooting that killed six people. “The shooter was just someone that read my tweets,” Shapiro says of the allegations brought against him by prosecutors. “I did not incite the mosque shooter, I insist.”

What many may not know about Shapiro, is that his height is a constant point of contention. In the past, photos have come to light demonstrating that Shapiro could be standing anywhere between 5’3 to 4’11. Despite the varying allegations, Shapiro has claimed that he is 5’9. “@nero keeps ripping on my height (5’9″), but I’m not sure how he knows how tall I am, considering he spends all his time on his knees,” Shapiro explained to his fans on twitter.

Now, a new photo suggests that Shapiro is under 5’0. The photographic evidence pictures Shapiro standing with a gavel, said to be mini-sized. Given the proportions, this new evidence would make clear that Shapiro is anywhere between 4’10 to 5’0 tall.


Bernard Media will soon be deploying it’s digital forensics team to investigate this photo and case further. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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