Gavin McInnes is the founder of the Proud Boys, a white nationalist gang of thugs that breaks young men into the American neo-nazi movement. Several months ago, McInnes was banned from Twitter for running an extremist group promoting violence. “Fighting solves everything, we need more violence from the Trump people. Don’t be afraid to choke a tranny, get your fingers around the windpipe,” McInnes has explained to his followers. The ban from Twitter was a huge blow to McInnes and the Proud Boys, whose official account was also removed permanently from the platform. “It won’t have any effect on us at all,” McInnes insisted after the bans. Aside from promoting violence, McInnes was most famous for pulling out his penis live on-air and shoving a butt plug into his rectum. After these stunts, McInnes’s show was taken off the air and moved to CRTV, an internet channel that most consider a pro-Trump propaganda network aimed at promoting hate of minorities and women. His CRTV ratings are currently tanking, according to industry standards.

Now McInnes, a notorious drunk, has more time to focus on his true passion: drinking. Yesterday, he posted a picture of himself getting shitfaced drunk on Instagram around 10AM. “Don’t miss CRTV T igh w th GAVIN McINN S,” McInnes captioned the post, clearly intoxicated. His remaining fans immediately jumped on this post to check in on Gavin’s well being and to also mock him.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 1.27.36 PM.png

“Gavin is drunk AGAIN,” one fan stated, who was fed up with McInnes’s excessive, consistent drunkenness. “Everyone who is saying he can’t spell, it’s because he’s drunk,” another fan said in defense of McInnes. Others were excited by the prospect of McInnes becoming a full time drunk, “did we just become best friends? Let’s black out and get into a fist fight.”

Some fans were concerned that McInnes may embarrass himself by spreading his buttchecks wide open on air again. A superfan, @WhytesOnly1488, pleaded in the comments for Gavin to keep his pants on. “Gavin, I still like you but you embarrass all men when you spread your anus out on camera. PLEASE do not post yet another video of you opening your butthole online. We’ve all seen it and it’s not good.” WhytesOnly wasn’t the only one concerned with McInnes’s anus. Others noted that Gavin’s butthole is massive and they believe that Gavin takes better care of his butthole than his liver. “Gavin, stop drinking every morning and stop shaving and bleaching your asshole. Why do you do that? Still a fan, though.”

gavin butt.jpeg

The next post on McInnes’s Instagram was of him trying to steal a turkey that same day, seemingly in a blackout, fugue state of mind.

It is unclear what the future holds for McInnes, as he continues to find new lows. His association with political extremists and neo-nazis has pigeon-holed him, most likely ending his media career prematurely.

Bernard Media will continue monitoring McInnes’s binge drinking habits and provide updates as they are made available.

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