Laura Loomer, allegedly 24 years of age, has a history of producing and distributing sex tapes, multiple sources close to Ms. Loomer say. These revelations come as Ms. Loomer was caught on video discussing the production and distribution of a sex tape with married man Mr. Gavin McInnes and amidst the Bernard Media (BM) investigation into Mr. Mike Cernovich’s extramarital sex tape, which Ms. Loomer allegedly co-starred in. Ms. Loomer would not explicitly deny these claims via email to BM stating, “I will sue you all the way to hell for solicitation of fake revenge porn.” Personal friends of Ms. Loomer have reached out to BM speculating, “Is Laura the co-star of the Cernovich sex tape? It totally sounds like something she would do.”

Ms. Loomer’s Boy Toys Speak Out

Mr. Mike Cernovich, who’s alleged sex tape with Ms. Loomer has been major news, let BM know that while his alleged adult acting career is booming, his marriage is not, “Mrs. Cernovich is extremely upset about the revelations of an alleged sex tape with Ms. Loomer.”

Mr. Gavin McInnes, pictured above, could not be reached for comment, but several sources close to Mr. McInnes let BM know that, “Gavin is taking some time to clear his head right now. The harsh reality is he needs to plan for a very different future than he anticipated on the home front.”


BM has received numerous inquiries from tipsters claiming to have access to the tape(s). Next moves are being reviewed by BM counsel, which for the moment believes, “BM is easily sitting on the biggest story of 2018. Leads are being pursued and release of the tape(s) is being seriously considered by third parties.”

Ms. Loomer’s history of sex tape production and distribution is an open, on-going investigation. Details will be released as they are received by Bernard Media’s Investigative Unit.

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