Footage has come to light showing Proud Boys leader Gavin Mcinnes pulling out his penis live on air. The clip also shows Mr. Mcinnes shouting racial slurs, especially the N word, which he uses constantly.

Sources close to Mr. Mcinnes are worried about his employment status after the release, “I can’t imagine that CRTV won’t let him go over this. Gavin’s getting paid a lot of money, but doesn’t bring in nearly enough traffic to warrant it. This would be a good excuse to show him the door.

This NSFW video was released the same day that a member of the Proud Boys was filmed in Seattle humiliating himself by failing to rip up a protest sign. Sources with intimate knowledge of the Proud Boys were embarrassed, “I’ve been around the Proud Boy scene for some time now and after seeing that I just want to get out. The movement is losing steam anyways. It’s a joke.”

Mr. Mcinnes employment status is an open and on-going Bernard Media investigation. More details will be released as they come to light.

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