Several weeks ago, prosecutors provided evidence that Alexandre Bissonnette obsessively studied Ben Shapiro’s videos and Twitter feed in the month leading up to his mass shooting in Quebec City that killed six muslims. Despite the overwhelming evidence provided to the courts, Mr. Shapiro refused to accept any responsibility for his role in influencing the shooter with his constant anti-islam rhetoric.

Mr. Shapiro telling Bernard Media to ‚Äúgo f*ck‚ÄĚ ourselves after a BM report came out linking him to the shooter.

Bernard Media has been actively covering Shapiro‚Äôs role in the deadly mosque shooting and, through a number of sources, it is safe to assume that Shapiro allegedly commissioned a hit piece to smear BM¬†prior to his appearance on Fox News.¬†Conservative readers were critical of this approach, “Shapiro is supposed to be a master debater, but is proving otherwise,”¬†read one commenter. “After reading the Free Beacon article all I could think was that this Bernard Media outlet was on to something and I‚Äôm a Shapiro fan!”

After the hit piece was published, Shapiro arranged to appear on Laura Ingraham‚Äôs program that same evening. Ingraham, who courts say was also a strong influence of the Quebec City mosque shooter, immediately asked Shapiro about Bernard Media‚Äôs previous reporting on Shapiro‚Äôs role in the murders. Ingraham asked Shapiro, “Explain to us how you are allegedly involved in inspiring this horrible attack on a mosque. Because you made comments about Islamic terror in the past? And it was all stitched together?”

Mr. Shapiro used the opportunity to continue denying his influence on the shooter, choosing to introduce a straw-man argument to change the subject to Bernard Media wanting to limit free speech. Obviously, straw-manning is Shapiro’s go-to tactic when his feet are held to the fire to present facts. Many people are saying that Shapiro is focusing too much on his feelings in this case, rather than the apparent fact that he influenced the shooter’s hatred of Muslims.

Shapiro friendly viewers were not impressed, “If Ben didn‚Äôt feel guilty for his actions then why would he be doing these shows? It doesn‚Äôt make sense. He always used to be about logic, reason and facts. Evidence was presented by prosecution that he still doesn‚Äôt have an answer for. Ben needs to change course on how he is handling this, take responsibility.”

Mr. Shapiro’s role in influencing the Quebec City mosque shooter is an open, on-going Bernard Media investigation. More information will be provided soon.

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