A few days ago far-right agitators Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones got into a public tiff on Twitter over Candace Owens and Kanye appearing on Infowars. It is clear from the argument that Jones and Shapiro despise one another. They are actually very similar people though, sources with knowledge of both individuals say, “Despite Ben and Alex having different approaches, they still are very much the same. They both push anti-islam rhetoric and conspiracies for clicks. Shapiro is just a bit more controlled in his presentation. He’s just as dangerous as Jones.”

Twitter users seem to agree with the idea Jones and Shapiro are similar people.

As you can see from the video linked above, some of Jones and Shapiro similarities include:

  1. Sell Supplements: Jones and Infowars have a whole line of nootropic pills, while Shapiro re-sells products and services from other companies. Products Shapiro markets include gold and hair growth pills.
  2. Preach Anti-Islam Rhetoric:  The idea radical islam is coming to “destroy western civilization” is pushed by both Jones and Shapiro. They believe Islam is at “war with the west.”
  3. Love Candace Owens: She goes on both shows to explain how, “if you vote democrat klansmen will come to get you.” Disgusting stuff.

Those are just a few ways these two are the same. BM will continue researching this case and will provide more information soon.

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