Today Ben Shapiro’s The Daily Wire released a piece called, “Obama Never Called Hero Who Prevented Terror Attack On Christian Group Near White House,” where the author Ryan Saaverda claims the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is to blame for a shooter attacking the Family Research Council in 2012. “The shooter, who was the first person to be convicted under Washington, D.C.’s 2002 Anti-Terrorism Act, told investigators that he targeted the organization because the Southern Poverty Law Center listed them as “anti-gay.” He (the shooter) was targeting the Family Research Council because of its views, including its opposition to gay marriage.”

Shapiro’s logic does not make sense here. He has vehemently denied inciting Alexandre Bissonnette, who killed six muslims in Quebec City and deeply studied Shapiro’s work. Often times Shapiro creates content targeted at demonizing muslims, brainwashing his followers to the idea that “680 million radical muslims” are coming to kill all civilized people.

When Bisonnette was interrogated he was asked, “Do you have a problem with muslims, personally?” Bissonnette definitively said, “Yes.” It is hard believe Bissonnette’s world view was not at least partially influenced by his internet idol, Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro toying around with an assault rifle

Why does the Left seek to support radical Islam so ardently? Because the Left believes that the quickest way to destroy Western civilization is no longer class warfare,” Shapiro claims. “There are 680 million radical muslims worldwide. They want to destroy western civilization. Islam is at war with the west.”

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Even Fox News was having a hard time buying Shapiro’s plea for innocence, “As part of the evidence against Bissonnette, prosecutors revealed a list of Twitter feeds that Bissonnette visited in the weeks before the attack, and Shapiro’s feed was the one he most frequently visited.”

Shapiro replied to Fox, “I have 1.4 million Twitter followers, so I guess the idea from the left is that if somebody views enough of my tweets they’re inevitably going to become a terrorist.” There was a long silence after this statement and subjects were switched without Fox News addressing Shapiro.

Shapiro appeared on Fox News to plead his innocence

Sources with a keen legal understanding explained Shapiro’s predicament, “Ben is in hot water right now. There is no way this story slides out of focus, especially as the intellectual dark web becomes more prominent. He needs to figure out what responsibility he can take and minimize the risk of maximum damages.”

Shapiro’s involvement in inciting the Quebec City shooter is an open, on-going investigation. More evidence will be provided as it comes to light.

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