Fans of Dr. Jordan Peterson are known for being brain geniuses, easily able to take down their opponents with “facts and logic.” Given this superior level of IQ, it was shocking to find that a Peterson superfan was failed on their gender studies essay.

A friend of the superfan explained the situation on Reddit, “Rather than engaging with the material he went very SUDO-INTELLECTUAL and probably misunderstood the question or tried to bend it in a way to push an agenda.” Dr. Peterson’s views on gender have been widely scrutinized, undoubtedly indoctrinating hundreds of thousands of students, including the failed superfan.

Free speech officially declared dead

Dr. Peterson was first noticed when he got into an argument with Cathy Newman about gender pronouns, “You got in trouble for refusing to refer to men and women by their preferred personal pronouns,” Newman questioned the doctor.

Peterson angrily replied, “I said, I would not follow the preferred speech dictates of the federal government.” Newman, confused by response followed up with, “You wouldn’t follow the change in law that was made to outlaw discrimination?” Peterson sternly said, “No. Not once it was law.”

Peterson propaganda spread rapidly after the debate

The segment went viral across platforms like Youtube, claiming that Peterson had “destroyed” Newman with facts and logic. Fans lauded Peterson as a genius and master debater.

Peterson’s fans were so worked up over the interview that they started threatening Newman and her family with death threats. This continued until she finally had to counsel security experts on how to best deal with the threats.

Despite advocating for, “free speech” the IDW really just wants to cite “facts” to justify their misinformed takes on gender, islam and race science. It is a dangerous time and is only going to get worse.

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