One year ago, Jack Posobiec doxed Roy Moore’s sexual assault victim, leading to a massive army of trolls harassing her. “I tweeted out that information this morning,” Posobiec live-streamed to his hundreds of thousands of followers, referencing the Roy Moore victim info. “How did washpo really get the Roy Moore story? Sounds like another dossier to me.”

The tweet posted by Posobiec with the victim’s personal information was retweeted hundreds of times before Posobiec was forced to take it down. By then, the tweet had been screen shotted and that screenshot was still circulating widely. The damage had been done.

Cybersecurity experts explained this strategy to Bernard Media. “Often times, the harassers, in this case Posobiec, will post damaging personal information and then delete it once it begins circulating. They delete so they can deny and avoid a ban, but screenshots still get distributed. It’s an age old trick, Twitter needs to get smart to this.” As of today, no action has been taken against Posobiec by Twitter, despite doxing being in direct violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service.

Now, the same playbook is being used by Mike Cernovich to dox and harass Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault victim. Yesterday, Cernovich encouraged his fans to reveal personal information on the victim: addresses, phone numbers, family members names and more. Within hours, her personal address and phone numbers were posted in reply to a Cernovich tweet, which will surely lead to mass harassment and intimidation.

Law enforcement professionals monitoring this have been made aware, sources close to the situation say. “FBI is keeping tabs on what is going on with this. It’s a national security issue. If something were to happen to the victim they certainly have a good idea of who was responsible. You can trace this all right back to Cernovich.”

Bernard Media also spoke with several active Twitter users to see what should be done here. “How has Twitter not taken action against Posobiec or Cernovich. Doxing is a blatant violation of Twitter ToS. With Jones getting banned, I’d think that the company would take a more aggressive stance on banning. Guess not though.”

Bernard Media will continue monitoring Cernovich’s doxing campaigns and Twitter’s response to the same. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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