Baked Alaska is a neo-nazi loser that used to run a sparsely viewed IRL stream. Arguably the most memorable moment of Baked’s stream came when he maced himself during the Charlottesville rally. “More milk, I need more milk,” Baked is famous for screeching after he maced himself. His pals poured milk on Baked’s face as he asked what his ten to thirty viewers thought of the self-macing. “What are my people saying? Just keep streaming, keep streaming.”

Although Baked had a small devoted following, it was not enough to keep him on the Twitter platform. Due to multiple neo-nazi references, including calls to throw fellow far-right media figures like Laura Loomer into gas chambers, Baked was banned. This was a huge blow for Alaska, Twitter was “his baby,” and he held a massive melt-down stream in an in-and-out parking lot after the ban, which coincidentally also fell on his 30th birthday.

“I’ve been doing my best to follow the rules, been doing literally nothing wrong. I’ve been playing Mario and reading bible verses,” Baked explained to twenty viewers as he walked in circles, streaming himself from the burger joint’s parking lot. “Stop censoring conservatives! I support America, I support all Americans. I love this country. I support our military, I support our veterans, I support our cops. I STAND for the pledge of allegiance.”

After being banned from Twitter, Baked shifted to Youtube where he hosted several neo-nazi “Blood Sport” debates from his childhood bedroom. A favorite guest of Baked’s was renowned nazi ring leader, Richard Spencer, who Baked would often chat with about his life struggles. “I don’t fit in with groups very well, I don’t know if you want to call me a drifter or something,” Baked explained to Spencer. “You can have a million people say you’re irrelevant. ‘Baked, you’re irrelevant! We hate you!’ Okay, well you keep saying that and obsessing over me. Now I’m relevant!”

Within two months of streaming on Youtube, Baked Alaska was banned from the platform, leaving him with no where to go to post and distribute his content.

After the YouTube ban, many friends of Baked speculated that was the end of his media career. “He’s not in a good place right now. The multiple bans are really getting to him. Tim just needs to do what’s best for him mentally right now. And that’s not making self-owning nazi content. He needs some time away.”

Now, new information has been passed to Bernard Media about Alaska’s whereabouts. A family friend of Baked reached out to Bernard Media to let us know he is alive, but not doing very well.

“He (Baked) recently moved out of his apartment in Southern California and moved to Phoenix, AZ to live in a home his parents recently purchased. He moved with the intentions of being hired to work with the Trump 2020 re-election campaign. On moving to AZ he was unfortunately not offered a job as the campaign did not want to be associated with the Baked Alaska name. He is currently working as a dog walker in Phoenix and living rent-free in his parent’s vacation home.”

Upon receiving this information, Bernard Media reached out to Baked’s current clientele, who were less than satisfied with his work. “The guy shows up to drop our dogs back home and he has his face in his phone, live streaming or something? He told me it was a “comfy dog walk stream.” I don’t know what that is. All I do know is the guy had dog piss all over his legs and shit on his shoes. He clearly wasn’t watching where he was walking or what was happening. My dog also had horrible diarrhea, I think he was feeding it fast food. It’d be great to have him fired immediately.”

Bernard Media will continue to monitor Baked’s current situation and will provide updates accordingly.

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