“Weird Mike” Cernovich backstabbed the MAGA movement this week claiming he was done with President Trump and wouldn’t care if the President was impeached. This melt down immediately lost Mr. Cernovich 10,000 followers on Twitter. Mr. Cernovich let Bernard Media (BM) know, “I’m being called the Benedict Arnold of the MAGA movement now, which is fine. I’m trying to embrace this new role and challenge.”

After losing the first 10,000 followers, Mr. Cernovich set his sights on dropping 100,000 more. Through e-mail correspondence Mr. Cernovich explained to BM, “I want to lose the followers as quickly as possible.”

Key Twitter allies of Mr. Cernovich are also said to be weighing the unfollow option. An alleged ex-caddy of Donald Trump Jr leaked to BM that, “Junior is really unhappy with Cernovich. He threw a tantrum when he saw Mike’s tweets. To be honest Junior has been pretty erratic since his wife left. He just doesn’t need more loss right now.”

Mr. Cernovich was quite defensive and expressed frustration about his relationship with Donald Jr. via e-mail to BM, “The connection with Junior is definitely fraying. He’s a cuck for wanting to distance himself from me over this.”

A former fan who asked not to be identified due to Mr. Cernovich’s history of smearing people told BM she was shocked to see Mr. Cernovich meltdown on a now allegedly deleted Periscope, “I tuned in and heard Mike shouting, ‘Fuck Trump and his family. And fuck Melania too. Fuck them all. MAGA is dead and the Trump train derailed. Fuck them all.’ It seemed like some sort of public break down.” The former fan continued to describe the alleged situation saying, “It seemed like his car had broken down or the battery died. He was streaming from the parking lot of a CVS or something. I kind of felt bad for him.”

Screen cap from alleged Periscope melt down

A number of Mr. Cernovich’s fans are concerned as to what the future may hold for Mike, “I don’t know what he’s going to do with his life. The mindset stuff is a dead end and Mike has a family to take care of. There’s no way I’m following again after this though. How do I know he won’t stab me in the back? Can’t trust him anymore.”

Mr. Cernovich’s follower count is an open, on-going investigation. BM will provide updates as they are made available.

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