Ben Shapiro is an intellectual giant, but his physical height has been a point of speculation for quite some time. Many say that his official measurements place him anywhere between 4’9-5’0. Bernard Media set the record straight yesterday though, “Based upon photographic evidence we have received by trusted sources, Bernard Media can confirm that Ben Shapiro is 5’3. We saw many claiming Ben was 4’9, which is not true. It’s the least we can do to provide the facts on this matter despite any past disagreements with Mr. Shapiro.”

Alleged report that Shapiro is 4’9
Photo evidence that Ben is 5’3

This is a small win for Shapiro in a series of losses. Last month Shapiro was accused by prosecutors of inciting the Quebec City mosque shooter who slaughtered six muslims and was a Shapiro superfan, obsessively reviewing Shapiro’s content before his mass shooting. It has also come to light that Shapiro has been hawking a nefarious Bitcoin IRA run by an ex-fetish porn industry executive.

Fans of Shapiro are concerned about his future, “I’m glad the height question was finally answered, but that’s the least of Ben’s worries. He needs to get out of the prosecution’s cross-hairs up in Canada and drop this bitcoin scam he’s advertising. Will keep my fingers crossed, but he’s in pretty deep.”

Shapiro hawking bitcoin scam

Ben Shapiro’s fall from grace is an open, on-going Bernard Media investigation. We will provide more details as they come to light.

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