Conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer is currently on the ground in Israel live-streaming the protests over moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Loomer’s live-stream comes at an extremely dangerous time as 37 Palestinians were gunned down trying to cross the border fence earlier in the day. Sources are concerned Loomer may exacerbate the situation, “Many are worried that her provocations could lead to more violence, maybe a hostage situation. No one wants her here.”

People familiar with Loomer say they think she, who is pro-Trump and wearing a red MAGA hat, could ruin the entire ceremony, “Laura may try another Shakespeare in the Park stunt like she did with Posobiec. I think “storming the stage” in Jerusalem could end up with very different results though. She could easily be shot by the Israeli military. Regardless, she is almost certainly going to get herself killed or start a world war. Maybe both.” Loomer is also claiming that all the Palestinian protestors are being paid by Hamas.

Loomer’s livestream comes just a day after she refused to cover her head when visiting the El-Jazzar Mosque. International relations experts say this sort of reporting presents the USA in an, “dangerously negative light.”

BM will continue covering Ms. Loomer’s on-the-ground coverage in Israel. More information will be made available soon.

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