Steven Crowder is not known for his comedy. His most notable occupation was being the voice of, “The Brain” on the children’s TV show, “Arthur,” and hosting his podcast from a porto-potty. Last week however, Crowder decided to dip his toes into the comedy industry with his guest, Ben Shapiro.

Crowder showed a video to Shapiro where he “jokes” that his old college roommate looks like a gorilla, “You know what, I swear, that gorilla reminds me of my old college roommate. It’s uncanny. No really, it’d be great if we could just do a side by side. The resemblance here is striking here between my roommate Tyrone.” It’s unclear where the comedy lies in this segment.

It makes sense that Crowder would tell this joke with Shapiro on the air, avid Crowder viewers say. “Steven makes jokes that could be called racist all the time. We believe its nothing more than, “free speech.” Shapiro was on the show too, who has a history of saying edgy racial comments. Look at some of his old tweets. You’ll get the gist.”

Shapiro has also been a vocal critic of rap music and the ideas he alleges it espouses to the black community. In 2009 Shapiro wrote a piece called, “Rap is Crap,” where he speaks on a rapper’s time in prison and the effect of his words, “T.I. will no doubt emerge from prison with some new raps about thug life in the big house. No doubt he’ll win some Grammys. And no doubt some young black men will listen to him, think about the glories of thug life, and pull the trigger.”

Many with knowledge of Shapiro’s past consider his beliefs to be hypocritical, “Ben is currently being accused of inciting the Quebec City shooter who killed six muslims and studied Ben’s content leading up to his killing. Ben insists that he did not incite the killer. If he thinks rap’s lyrics have a negative effect on the listeners, then couldn’t the same be said of Shapiro? It doesn’t seem to make sense.”

Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro’s racist content is an open, on-going Bernard Media investigation. More evidence will be provided as it is made available.

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