Ben Shapiro hates Islam. Last month, prosecutors provided evidence that the Quebec City mosque shooter that killed six muslims was obsessed with Shapiro’s content, and studied it fervently in the days leading up to his shooting. Shapiro insisted he did not incite the shooter despite claiming there are, “680 million radical muslims worldwide coming to kill anyone that does not think like President Obama.”

Yesterday, Shapiro landed himself in hot water again in regards to Islam. He shared a video claiming that, “Palestinian martyrs were itching their noses in body bags.” The intended point of this clip was that Palestinians were exaggerating the death toll related to the Jerusalem Embassy protests. In fact, the idea anyone was killed is nothing more than propaganda from Hamas, Shapiro alleges. This video was shared widely by Shapiro and his colleagues including Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, Ian Miles Cheong and others. The video now has over one million views on Twitter.

Within hours of the video being released it was debunked. The clip being shared was actually from 2014 and in regards to the Rabaa massacre in Egypt. Despite the video being proven fake, Shapiro still has it shared onto his Twitter profile, which has over 1.3M followers.

Those with knowledge of Shapiro’s anti-Islam propaganda were not surprised, “Ben knows exactly what he is doing. Even if the video is fake people will believe that no one actually died in the protests. Or that the numbers were exaggerated. He wants his followers to believe that the Palestinians, and Islam at large, are liars and not to be trusted. That they deserve to be killed. If Ben had it his way all Muslims would be in camps and mass graves.”

When the death tolls were officially released, further debunking the video, Shapiro still did not let up. “Actually 50 of the 62 dead are Hamas members,” Shapiro claimed. He then went on to equate the slaughter of Palestinians by the IDF to abortion, “Okay Democrats, if you’re that upset about people dehumanizing Hamas and MS-13, imagine they’re 19-week-old babies in the womb.”

Even Shapiro’s zealots were confused by this messaging, “I don’t see how abortion relates to the IDF killing Palestinians. Maybe it’s because a lot of the dead are very young, some children even. Ben’s logic is off base here. The facts don’t add up.”

Shapiro’s anti-Islam propaganda is an open, on-going investigation. Bernard Media will provide more details as they are made available.


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