These days many people are asking, “What the hell happened to Mike Cernovich?” Sadly, Cernovich, himself, is one of those people wondering why his life and career have seemingly bottomed out. He still posts about pedophilia on an almost daily basis, but just isn’t getting the traffic and media hype he used to.

Seeking solace for his failures and “a feeling of relevancy,” according to nine people who used to be fans of Cernovich, he turned to Instagram for an AMA yesterday. Unfortunately, hardly anyone showed up and those that did primarily asked about Cernovich’s missteps, “Did you or did you not allegedly make a sex tape with Laura Loomer,” one Instagrammer questioned. Most people already know the answer to that if they keep up with Bernard Media’s award-winning investigative journalism though.

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Another in the AMA brought up marital issues with Cernovich and his wife Shauna to which Shauna replied, “Michael is on his phone 24-7. I don’t mind as much when it’s just us, but when we are out with friends and family I find it rude.”

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Cernovich on the phone, ignoring his wife

Questioning moved on to Cernovich’s career and advice on the same, “Is it true you fought your financially well off wife in court for a large divorce settlement,” One AMA attendee asked. Another interjected, “Should I become an actor?”


One superfan was interested in a niche topic, “How hung are you,” while others inquired about proper dosage levels of illegal performance enhancing steroids. Cernovich let the audience know he would start using steroids again, “after his second child.”


Cernovich’s current failures extend far past a botched Instagram AMA though. He has missed deadlines for his documentary, “Hoaxed” badly, which he raised $163,000 for.

Cernovich and crew cut their losses on the set of Hoaxed

“We wanted to release Hoaxed in May. That’s not going to happen as we took the film in a different direction,” Cernovich claims. “There isn’t a script. You have an idea of what the film will be, and then you go into production.”

It seems what’s left of Cernovich’s following will most likely be gone in the coming months, according to those familiar with the situation. “I invested $500 into Mike’s movie production and am very disappointed with the results,” said a man who chose to hide his identity out of fear that Cernovich would dox him for being critical. “No transparency and now he is missing deadlines. Totally unacceptable. Some are even saying he used the money for a vacation. I’ll be moving forward legally to recoup my investment if need be. I would have gotten more out of flushing my money down the shitter.”

Cernovich on a recent vaction

Cernovich vacations frequently, which has led to wide spread speculation on the usage of funds, sources say. When one investor was asked about how often Cernovich vacations he said, “Too frequently. What is he doing with my fucking money?”

Cernovich’s continued failures are an open, on going Bernard Media investigation. We will provide more details as they are made available.

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