Over the last few months, Mike Cernovich has allegedly been producing a documentary film called, “Hoaxed.” The film, if being worked on at all, is lagging far behind the set deadlines. “We wanted to release Hoaxed in May. That’s not going to happen as we took the film in a different direction,” Cernovich claims. “There isn’t a script. You have an idea of what the film will be, and then you go into production.”

Cernovich’s investors are now getting antsy for a product. Yesterday, an executive producer took to Periscope to express his dismay. “I put $10,000 into Hoaxed. When I did it, I wasn’t sure if the card would go through, but it did. And I’ll be honest. Mike’s first documentary, “Silenced,” sucked. I’ve just seen ten minutes of Hoaxed but there were a lot of mistakes, things I would have done differently.”

From Hoaxed Kickstarter, film was supposed to be released Christmas 2017

Other smaller donors are expressing concern about their investment as well. “I put in $500 and have seen nothing. It’s like a blackbox. Not sure what to do really aside from wait it out and hope for the best.”

Instead of being more transparent, Cernovich has decided to become reclusive. “I am going to withdraw from public life to consider the next Act in my life. Where “here” is, I don’t know. I’m going to need some time to reflect.” The timing of Cernovich’s departure seems oddly timed given the situation with his documentary.

As of now it seems the only ones being “Hoaxed” are Cernovich’s Kickstarter backers.

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