Jack Posobiec has a history of doxing, exposing private information (SSN, Address, Phone Numbers etc) of his enemies. Several months ago, Posobiec released the name and workplace of a woman Roy Moore was accused of molesting.

This sensitive information was posted on Twitter by Posobiec and his followers immediately began distributing it to hundreds of thousands. Once Posobiec received negative attention from other Twitter users and the press he quickly deleted the tweet. Posobiec then alleged that he got the cue to dox from heavy.com. By doing so, Posobiec avoided any action from Twitter and still got his message out: the tweet had been screen-shotted and was still being posted widely.

Yesterday, Posobiec employed his doxing playbook yet again. He posted a report claiming to have ID’d a “second Las Vegas Shooter,” which is a conspiracy being propagated in relation to the Las Vegas massacre that left 58 dead and 851 injured.  The unverified report included the alleged second shooter’s SSN, Name, Phone Number, Home Address and Driver’s License.

Twitter users, just like with the Roy Moore victim doxxing, realized what Posobiec was trying to do and flagged his content.

This led Posobiec to delete the tweet, but again the damage was done. The report had been dispersed across Twitter and seen by thousands. In this case, just like with the Roy Moore dox, Twitter did nothing.

Twitter users aware of the consistent doxing weren’t shocked by the company’s inaction. “This is business as usual for Twitter. They won’t change anything. Even if someone gets killed from these doxing attempts I doubt anything will change. It’s a dangerous time that we are living in.”

Posobiec’s doxing attempts are an open, on-going Bernard Media investigation. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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