Over the last two months, there has been a lot of speculation as to the whereabouts of Baked Alaska. The last time people saw Baked he was taking a drug test, allegedly applying for jobs. That was all the back in early May though. Since then, Alaska has been gone from the internet.

Applying for a job

The abrupt disappearance led some fans to be concerned about worst case scenarios. “Baked has lost everything. His Twitter and Youtube accounts are gone, banned permanently. He may even be kicked off Gab soon. There isn’t much Baked has left to live for, it’s concerning.”

Last night however, Baked put everyone’s mind at ease by posting a “Late Night Workout Chill Stream.” Although the stream was quickly deleted, it was a sigh of relief for those worried that Alaska was not long for this world. “I’m just glad to see that he’s still alive,” one fan said. “Don’t like the guy, but I was convinced he had offed himself. Glad that’s not the case.”

Baked Alaska’s survival is an open, ongoing Bernard Media investigation. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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