Paul Joseph Watson is famous for conspiracy theories. He has worked with Infowars and Alex Jones for years running massive misinformation campaigns including, “9/11 was an inside job” and “Sandy Hook was a government manufactured hoax.” Since these incidents, which have caused a lot of legal issues for Infowars, Watson has focused on anti-Islam positions.

“Islam is at war with the west,” Watson frequently claims. “They want blood.”

To further his anti-Islam agenda, Watson is now spreading a conspiracy that Tommy Robinson is being held in a prison that has a “71% muslim population.” Robinson, a far-right anti-Islam activist, was put in prison several weeks ago for contempt of court. He had done a Facebook live-stream outside of the courthouse where an important anti-trafficking case was taking place, harassing muslim defendants as they entered the court room.

Watson claims that, “The order to send Tommy Robinson to a heavily Muslim-populated prison came from ‘the top.'” Insinuating that the globalists have their own plans for Robinson.

While it fits Watson’s narrative, the “71% muslim prison” was debunked extremely quickly on Twitter. Reports from the prison show that only 2.8% of the prison population is muslim.

Despite evidence proving that Watson lied, he did not appropriately change his claims. “Correction, 70% of the prison is muslim,” Watson later tweeted. Sources with knowledge of the law cautioned against this slanderous misinformation campaign. “I’d be careful if I were Paul. There are clear grounds to sue here. His claims are slanderous and defamatory.”

Watson’s misinformation campaigns are an open, on going Bernard Media investigation. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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