Yesterday evening, Alex Jones declared that a “Civil War” was being launched by the democrats on July 4th.  “They’ve been beta testing it for months, now they’re launching. Just when it’s warm out, when the riots happen. All the media outlets are saying this, and I’m not even smart. I’ve just been paying attention,” Jones claims.

Jones immediately followed up his declaration by promoting his, “July 4th civil war super-sale.” The offer includes steep discounts on all Infowars products, as well as free-shipping. Infowars and Jones also have created new survival-related products specifically for the coming civil war.

Jones isn’t the only far-right grifter looking to profit off the civil war hysteria though. Ali Alexander, best known for *checks notes* having a Twitter account, recently advised his followers to “buy bitcoin, bibles, guns, ammo and cancel your TV cable,” in preparation for the civil war.

Bernard Media will continue to investigate the civil war misinformation campaigns from the far right, as well as their efforts to profit from the same. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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