Dave Rubin is allegedly a stand up comedian, who now runs a widely popular YouTube channel where he interviews Intellectual Dark Web personalities like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. Recently, Rubin was on tour with Peterson, where he would open the crowd up with a bit of stand up comedy. Rubin’s style of comedy relies heavily on crowd work, often times asking the audience about sexual preferences or political leanings.

“How many of you guys know about the poop, the human poop? It’s all over San Francisco,” Rubin asked during his San Fran show. “I think there’s an app to find it now. Anyways, who’s ready for a great show tonight?”

The tour is now over though, and Rubin has more time to expand his repertoire. Today, for example, he released a video with Prager University about the “Intolerant Left.” Rubin explains in this video that, “The left has become utterly intolerant of anyone with whom they disagree. But you wouldn’t guess it from MSM. The say the left are the tolerant ones. And the right is intolerant, accept to those white, christian, heterosexual males.”

Image from the video of an “immigrant”

Rubin rambles on to say, “The right are actually the tolerant ones though. Go find a conservative and you’ll see. They watch movies, drive cars, eat ethnic food, ya know, normal people stuff.”

Rubin showing some “ethnic food”

The video ends with a call for all the viewers to consider joining the right because of how “intolerant the left is,” and showing several animated clips of ANTIFA violence.

Frequent viewers of Prager University videos that spoke with Bernard Media were not impressed. “I’ve seen a number of the Prager University videos and this one was really low budget stuff. Who is this Rubin guy anyway? He used two of the four minutes to literally give the dictionary definition of tolerant. Then the ethnic food thing? What the hell is he talking about?”

Bernard Media will continue to monitor Rubin’s various efforts including, but not limited to his stand up comedy routine.


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