Last night, Jack Posobiec and Mike Cernovich promoted a flash mob to protest Flynn sentencing in regards to the Mueller probe. The protest was to be held outside of Flynn’s DC court hearing this morning. “Flash mob organized to support General Flynn,” Cernovich posted on Twitter. Posobiec followed suit saying, “Just in: #ClearFlynnNow flash mob.” They then both shared the address and time of where the flash mob was to be held.

This morning however, when Flynn entered the court, there was only one person that showed up. Will Sommer of the Daily Beast reported, “The pro-Michael Flynn rally today at the federal courthouse ended up being just this guy. The turnout is even less impressive when you consider that this guy shows up literally anywhere in the mid-Atlantic for right-wing protests. Last seen at the Red Hen.”

Posobiec, who didn’t even attend the protest himself, posted on Twitter about “supporters,” gathering outside. Unfortunately, as Sommers reported, this man was the only one to show face.

Reporters that have been following Posobiec and Cernovich’s influence noted, “This goes to show how their followings are dwindling. They can’t even get ten people to show up somewhere. It’s good for the country for the conspiracy theorists to be moved out of the spotlight.”

Bernard Media will continue providing updates on Cernovich and Posobiec’s audience decline. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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