In January 2017, Alexandre Bissonnette entered a Quebec City mosque and open-fired, killing six men and women in the process. This attack is now being called the most heinous act in Canadian history, with prosecutors pushing for Bissonnette to receive 150 years in prison. The official sentencing happens in September, but the determination is clear: it will be a lifetime sentence without parole.

Throughout the hearings, a common thread was noted by prosecutors and journalists alike — the killer was a Ben Shapiro super-fan. In the days leading up to the mass shooting, Bissonnette intensively studied Shapiro’s content. “There are 680 million radical muslims worldwide,” Shapiro has claimed. “They (muslims) want to kill anyone that doesn’t think like president Obama. By the time we realize this it will be too late. There are already 500,000 radical muslims in the USA alone.”

List of Twitter accounts visited by the shooter before the slaughter

Now, Shapiro feeling heavy guilt for his past actions, has made a list of “Dumb Stuff He’s Done.” The list isn’t full of apologies though, instead it primarily contains content that Shapiro believes the left has taken out of context to smear him. One example is Shapiro defending his tweet about Trayvon Martin deserving to die.

“Trayvon Martin Was Killed While Beating A Man’s Head Against The Pavement: In response to people tweeting out that Trayvon Martin would have been alive but for a racist murder, I tweeted this a few years back, ‘Trayvon Martin would have turned 21 today if he hadn’t taken a man’s head and beaten it on the pavement before being shot.’ This tweet has been trotted out as evidence that I am somehow racist. That’s weird, since I’ve repeatedly condemned killings that I believe are racially motivated.”

The list goes on with examples like these, but one enormous mistake, the incitement of the mass shooting in Quebec City was conveniently left off. “I didn’t incite the mosque shooter,” Shapiro insisted. “This evil piece of human crap just happened to be somebody who had seen some of my tweets.” As noted by prosecutors, the shooter almost fetishized Shapiro’s content, which undeniably played a role in motivating the shooter’s actions.

Twitter users who recall the incident were shocked. “This was a huge mistake by Ben. The shooter was sick individual that had access to weapons, but that doesn’t mean Shapiro should take no responsibility. His content played a role in the shooting unfortunately. Hopefully Ben can come to terms with that one day.”

Others took to Twitter to call on Ben to add the incident to his list of “dumb stuff.”

Shapiro’s addition of his incitement to his list of dumb things is an open, on going investigation. More information will be provided as it is made available.

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